Dry Cleaning

We are an eco-friendly dry cleaner. Dry cleaning helps preserve the life of your clothing. Wools, Silks and any clothing that you want preserved. Oil stains can be stubborn to remove in water. Synthetic fibers like polyester and even cotton respond well to dry cleaning.


We use the best wet cleaning detergents and conditioners to keep your garments looking fresh each time you wear them. We also use non-fragrant detergents.

Area Rugs

We know area rugs and the high traffic use on them need the care and attention to preserve the life and to keep them looking good in home. We use two type of methods; dry cleaning for more silk type rugs or smaller wool rugs or our best used method, the carpet extractor, to give it the best overall clean.

Wedding Gowns

We know it is your most cherished gown. We will work our magic on it and also offer the service of boxing it to keep it around for years to come!